“Your goods are so much nicer than they appear on your website - I suppose you can’t see true quality unless you hold it in your hands.”

Anton Robbertse

Baby and Kids Clothing

Banini has designed a small range of Kids Clothing and Accessories that includes Reversible Dresses and Sun Hats as well as other hats, bag and gorgeous Winter Coats. Clothing is made from a Combination of Genuine Shweshwe and Designer Printed Cottons.

Printed Cottons are purchased in small quantities making each production run a limited edition. The print you see here may not be available, please enquire about what we currently have available. Basic Shweshwe colours will remain the same, the coordinating print will vary.


Reversible Tunic Wrap Dress - from R295
Reversible Sweetheart Dress - from R320
Reversible Sun Hat - R145
Aspen Hat - R95
Aspen Scarf - R95
Castro Cap - R145
Shoulder Bag - R85
Brooch - R20
Coat - from R365
Babygro - R198
T-shirt - from R159